The Africa to Global Experience

Eden Global’s Vision is to Brand Africa Globally by creating Links with Key People in Various areas for Collaboration, Economic Activity and Development.
This is by Optimizing the Best Practices, Ideas and Innovation into a platform to Benefit Africa, Africans and African Businesses.
Eden Global’s Mission is to see true Restoration of a Nation. 
This is by Connecting Africa, Africans and African Businesses locally and Globally one Business at a time, through Collaborative efforts in Creating Strategies for shared Success.
• Help to enhance the African economy
• To generate positive global exposure for Africa
• To increase global exposure and interest
• To provide more opportunities for capital flow to and through the nation
• To create a positive outlet for business owners and up and coming entrepreneurs
• To promote unity and pride within African communities
• To assist in creating and funding other opportunities and enrichment programs
• To foster harmony, develop connections, and build relationships among the locals and 
the global marketplace
Eden Global will develop a Consistency that encompasses growth from Country to Country to help enhance a Nation.
Our Focus is to develop a healthy level of National Pride, knitted together through Cooperation, Networking to Achieve new heights together and Individually at the same time.
This inturn will bring people together to work towards the Common goal of the African to Global Experience.
Eden Global’s Goal is to Connect Africa to a Global Marketplace.
This is through a Strategic platform that implements solutions to help people to sell, create and Network together.
Eden Global’s Desire is to increase the value of a Nation through the Building of Assets with a platform that increases the Capital owned by Africans, which will help to create more wealth in the Nation.
Eden Global will leave Impact and Influence on the Global Marketplace by using our Brand Image created to Generate Traction towards a Nation.
Africa have Much to Export in terms of Creating income Economically from Country to Country.
These Resources and Skills when brought together on the platform, can generate Traction towards the Brand Image, which will reach the Global Marketplace.
This will help to Network and Showcase the Impact and Influence to the Global Arena on what Africa, Africans and African Businesses have to offer through the Brand Image Created.
This will allow a Global Name creating wealth for the Nation within the shores and outside the shores.   
Helping to connect Africa, Africans and African Businesses connect to the Global Marketplace
– We will provide a sincere and engaging service to our Vendors, potentiial Vendors and Customers.
– Treat each Vendor, potential Vendor and customer as a unique individual.
– Anticipate each Vendor, potential Vendor and customers needs with a warm and personal touch.
– Help to resolve Vendors, potential Vendors and Customers concerns with always offering alternative solutions.
– Being an ambassador for the brand, and the Eden Global Community.
RESPECT – We value the needs and ideas of our Vendors, Customers and Colleagues.
We will  treat them with Fairness and dignity.
INTEGRITY – We act with honesty and professionalism, guided by and conducted with ethical standards.
We will take accountability for all of our decisions and actions.
TEAMWORK – We work together to achieve the Goals of Eden Global.
We recognize impact and influence of each individuals contribution, and the importance of maintaining a co-operative and supportive work environment.
EMPOWERMENT – We will provide the necessary tools, training to allow the authorization to exceed expectations.
We will support one another in making informed and appropriate decisions. 
  • Return customer emails within 2 to 3 hours if possible with updates.
  • -Return customer call backs within 15 to 30 mins if possible with updates.
  • – If customer is on hold, advise after 2 mins on the progress of the customer concerns.
  • – Inquire to vendors or customers about their satisfaction on being on the Eden Global platform.
  • Inquire if vendors would like to upgrade their services on the Eden Global platform.
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