About Eden Global

In view of the potential growth and future of the domestic commodity market and international demands for African commodities, Eden Global was established with the aim to provide local physical commodity market participants an efficient and organized marketplace to buy and sell their physical commodities via an online system, connecting to a robust network of international participants; with seamless access to an integrated support mechanism in related supply chain and commodity trade industries.

Developing Products & Markets

Many African countries are working hard to increase product quality, but it is often the trade-related issues that prevent producers breaking into international markets.

For example, failure to meet SPS standards in food safety, animal health and plant health creates an immediate barrier to market.

Eden Global develops products to an international standard and opens markets to global trading, while helping Africa’s producers to capture more of the value chain at home.

Focused on outcomes

Our support is focused on projects with the greatest potential to deliver outcomes such as:

  • Increased capacity of agricultural producers, in particular women, to meet international standards
  • Increased availability of online infrastructure and services for agricultural traders
  • Improved ability of traders in non-agricultural sectors to meet standards and certification requirements of global markets